Children’s Liturgy

The children’s liturgy began in 2012 with a small core group, however, this group of volunteers has expanded over the last two years. The Children’s Liturgy takes place on the second, third and fourth Sunday of each month at the 11 am Mass. Along with the participation of children in the Junior Choir, after the opening prayers of the mass, the Priest invites all the children in the congregation to join the volunteers of the core group in the Dominican Hall where they will listen to the Word of God for that week in a child-friendly way. They also complete various worksheets and activities centred round the Gospel. The children are then brought back into the Church after the Homily and take part in the Offertory Procession by offering up the activities they have completed in the hall.  Two children are also chosen each week to carry up the bread and wine.  Furthermore, the children that attended these masses on a regular basis lead the 11 am Christmas Day Mass and the 11 am Easter Sunday Mass, from delivering the readings right through to the offertory procession.

This mass is particularly suitable for any child aged 5 – 12, we look forward to seeing all your little ones soon.

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