Lectio Centre Volunteers POLICY

Volunteer Policy for Lectio Centre Volunteers Date of Policy June 2021

Purpose and Aims

The Lectio Centre Management Board are committed to involving volunteers and this Policy has been developed to promote and provide guidance on the appropriate involvement of volunteers in Lectio Centre activities and services.

The Lectio Centre Management Board greatly appreciates the valuable and purposeful role of volunteers.

The Lectio Centre Management Board aims to ensure that volunteers feel comfortable and are compatible with , those duties and tasks they have agreed to undertake.

Policy Statement

The involvement of Volunteers in the Lectio Centre encourages the participation of the wider community in the day to day running of the Lectio Centre.

The Lectio Management Board value the diversity of volunteers and the experiences they bring which will enhance the pastoral outreach of the Lectio Centre.


The Lectio Centre Management Board are responsible for ensuring the aims of the Policy are met.

The Director is responsible for the recruitment and retention of volunteers.


A volunteer can expect:-

  • To receive an induction outlining their role.

  • Supervision and guidance on how their role should be carried out.

  • Training to help them fulfill their role.

  • Training in Child Protection and Safeguarding.

  • Support from Lectio Centre staff.

  • Choice and flexibility.A volunteer can approach Joan to discuss problems, opt out of, or change tasks if he / she is unhappy in the voluntary role.

The Lectio Centre Management Team expects:-

  • Volunteers to do their volunteering reliably and arrive on time.

  • To contact Joan if unable to attend

  • To respect confidentiality


  • Volunteers will be recruited from Lectio Communities and the wider Dominican Congregation in the same way as volunteers for other Church ministries are recruited.

  • The Director will assess the suitability of the volunteer.

Induction and Training

  • The volunteers get a named supervisor.

  • All volunteers get an induction.

The Induction will include:-

  • Aims of the Lectio Centre

  • Why volunteers are involved
  • Tour of the building
  • Meeting staff and volunteers
  • Overview of other services
  • Discuss role description, including training
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Procedures
  • First Aid/Accident Book
  • Importance of confidentiality
  • Informed of record keeping and data access rights
  • Any other appropriate policies and their location

Support and supervision

  • All Volunteers will be supported and supervised by Joan .

  • Volunteer training will be ongoing and will include regular meetings with the Director, Chairperson of Lectio Management Board and Joan.

  • If a Volunteer has any issues or concerns about their role they can discuss it with their supervisor Joan.

  • We appreciate that a volunteer’s situation may change or the volunteer may become dissatisfied with the volunteer role they have agreed to.


If a Volunteer’s concerns are not resolved by discussion with their supervisor they can discuss their concerns with the Chairperson/Director of the Lectio Centre Management Team.

Termination of the volunteer role

The Lectio Centre Management Board will cease Volunteer roles with immediate effect in the following circumstances-:

  • Breach of confidentiality

  • Gross misconduct

Review of Policy

  • Policy to be reviewed every 3 Years