Young Adult Community

The Young adult led Liturgy was established in 2010 by Fr. Joseph Ralph and four young people.    The Mass itself takes place on the first Saturday of every month at the usual 7.30pm evening mass. However, the mass is extra special for the young adults of our local community, with young adult Eucharistic ministers, readers and collectors.  Young adults also give their faith testimonies each month after the Gospel and these are always guaranteed to be inspiring, warming and sincere. Furthermore, we have our very own young adult choir, ‘Music for Youth’ who sing at the mass each month.



Our Mission Statement: As a Dominican Young Adult Community, we are part of a movement of young people on a journey as disciples of Jesus Christ, seeking to nurture the faith, energy and generosity of young people so as to make a real difference in our society and world!



young adults

The Mass has gone from strength to strength in recent times with the core group expanding from four to twelve members who are committed to the planning and organisation of the mass each month.  One of the main aims of the core group is to increase the number of young people in attendance at the mass and to enrol a further number of young people taking part in the mass itself.

Therefore, we are reaching out to you, why not come along to our young adult mass and encourage others to come too. We would be delighted to see you and look forward to you experiencing the peace and joy the Young Adult Mass brings.


If you would like to know more or are interested in participating in any aspect of the mass please contact Adele Griffin at or find us on Facebook by clicking on the link below.